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Elizabeth Lakamp sings Rosemary Clooney Saint Louis Missouri senior citizen entertainment
Vocalist Elizabeth Lakamp sings Doris Day St Louis Missouri senior citizen entertainment
Elizabeth Lakamp sings 1940's 1950's 1960's Broadway country flapper girl  St Louis Missouri senior citizen entertainment
Vocalist Elizabeth Lakamp Patsy Cline tribute show Saint Louis, Missouri  Illinois country  singer
Elizabeth Lakamp sings Patty Page St Louis Missouri senior citizen entertainment
These are just a few of the artists I cover. I don't limit myself to male, female or genre. if it's a good song and it's in my key I'll do it!
Of course special requests are always welcomed.

   If you have seached through my site very far it should be obvious by now that I love people, especially our senior population! I truly believe they are the best generation we will ever know. They also had the best music too!



  With the cost of health care this may seem ridiculous, but many senior homes don't have a budget for good entertainment. I can't tell you the number of times I have been told by a resident that I am the best entertainment they get and they hope I will be back. I love those compliments but many times I don't get to return because just like a school, when budgets are cut, activities are the first to go. This gripes my bu**! Quality of life comes in the activities we do!


  If you would like to bring back musical memories and bring a smile to brighten a day, you can purchase a show. Send it in honor of a loved one (past or present) to their facility or a facility in need.


 Don't have a facility in mind? 

There are many places that would appreciate your gift of music.

We can work together to find one near you so you can attend if you like!




















Your gift of any amount will be applied toward a facility that may not otherwise be fortunate enough to have professional musical entertainment.

I always try my best to work within the budget constraints of care facility activity directors and other senior groups. With that being said, my usual fee for a senior show in and around the St Louis area is $150. 

I promise not to just accept your money but rather to involve you as much as you would like in the planning and  details of the event. 

(Sorry, this is not a tax deductible gift) 

In the message box below please include any additional details such as;
'I would like to request entertainment for _________ in honor of_________ for his/her__________ at ________ facility.'
'I don't have a facility in mind', or  'I don't have a specific date'.
Any further details or questions would be great too!

Thank you for your interest. If you do not hear back soon please check your spam box. After 24-48hrs. please call. Something may have gone wrong.

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