Proud Entertainer for Greater St Louis Honor Flight & Franklin County Honor Flight 

I had the privilege of seeing Ms. LaKamp perform for my uncle's Honor Flight at the airport. At first listening to her sing I thought good voice and then thinking what word would describe her voice? I came up with Soothing. That would change as she worked the crowd in to anticipation of the returning veterans! She has an ease with the crowd.

She performed all the songs from that era of music from WW 2 effortlessly. Watching her interact with not only older people but also small children, well all I can say is she had everyone ready for the beloved veteran's. I know this only one man's opinion but I have been around music and performers all my life and I would recommend hiring Ms. LaKamp for any occasion!

Donald Henderson

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Franklin County , Mo. Honor Flight

2019 Dates 

April 13th 

May 4th 

June 22nd

 September 28th

Greater St. Louis Honor Flight

2019 Dates 

March 2nd, March 30th, April 20th,   May 18th , June 8th, June 29th

 July 20th, September 7th 

October 1st, November 2nd

   Music is a gift that lifts the spirit! If you would like to honor a vet, past or present, consider sending a show to a vertan's home or another care facility in their name. Simply click on the button below and we will work out the details.