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 Elizabeth Lakamp's Tribute to the Troops  
will be going on the road! 

  It has been Elizabeth's long-term vision to bless veterans where they live.  
  If your Veteran Organization would like to see the event come to your town please reach out.  

 Locations and times to be announced as they are finalized. 

  Thank you for your interest in helping our Vietnam Veterans finally get the pro
'Welcome Home'. 


Army Soldiers At Parade
Elizabeth Lakamp's 


  Over 50 years ago, our Vietnam Era veterans did not get a proper 'Welcome Home'. It's about time that changes, so I have created a show that does just that!
  This is a large-scale production with videos of veteran interviews as well as fun clips and music of the era. With its glimpses into the past, the show maintains a light feeling and educates the audience at the same time. 
  Much like a 'camp show', audience participation is encouraged with this trip down memory lane! Even if you didn't experience the era, you will enjoy this unique and interactive show.
  This performance is wonderful by itself, but is even more moving when coupled with the efforts of your organization. 
Working t
ogether, we follow the format of my previously successful events and can include: a Wall of Honor, an interactive map, a chow line, booths from veteran support organizations, Vietnam memorabilia, a fun 'Stars and Stripes' style program, attendance prizes, raffles and more!
  The performance will have your veterans finally feeling appreciated for their sacrifices! Going beyond the show and making this an event, your veterans will leave feeling the brotherhood that only they can know. Either way, this event will help to heal some of the scars our Vietnam veterans still bear.   

The videos below are short ads from previous performances.

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