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  As you can see by the images above, my enterainment venues vary. I can work with a full band, a duo or trio, or as a single act. Because my absolute favorite musical era has always been the 1940's, I've naturally spent the majority of my career singing for retirement group luncheons and the communities where many seniors live. However, I am not at all stuck in that genre. I have also entertained for reunions, fairs and festivals, country clubs,  happy hours, etc.


  My musical interests are varied (as most audiences are), so I sing  favorites from nearly every generation and genre,  from country to Broadway and a whole lot of in between. Mixing it up is the key so I'll often give my audiences songs they love but rarely hear. God blessed me too with the unique talent of being able to sound like a number of artists. I can mimic Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, Cher and several others. These vocal changes are especially nice in adding variety to my solo act.



  The majority of my clients trust me to deliver what the audience will enjoy. Of  course we consult about the age group, etc. but years of entertaining have led me to know when it's time to switch up the music to keep a crowd engaged.  


  Although I am happy to accept longer gigs, the majority of my shows are one hour

solo acts. Here are a few shows I have created with specific themes in mind.



Through the Eras

Sentimental Journey

Rockin' Sockin 50's & 60's

Broadway Review

Patsy Cline Tribute & Trivia

Country & Western


There are a few shows I would still love to create and I am always open to suggestions!


If there is an artist, era, or genre that you think your audience would enjoy please ask.


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