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"Your Phone - A - Gram
made his day!
Thank you so much!"
Send your personalized message via phone & US mail,
plus a song anywhere in the country for just 24.95!

If an in-person telegram isn't in your budget or the recipient is simply too far away you can still send a live, personalized singing phone telegram. I will work with you one on one to choose a song, or even learn one that you may have in mind. 
Phone -A -Gram includes;
* A personal phone call to the recipient anywhere in the US (Hi.  &  Ak. may incur a roaming fee)
 This includes a greeting and introduction letting the recipient know who I am and that that they are receiving a singing telegram from you.
* Reading of a telegram written by the sender(s). This is your personal message to the recipient, PLUS as an added surprise (and unlike any other telegram service), they will receive their telegram via US postal service a few days later...complete with confetti!
* Occasion appropriate song such as Happy Birthday PLUS an additional song to be determined when we work out the details. Song may be accapella depending on key and time allowable by recipient.
Phone -A Gram Stipulations;
-Pre-payment is required via Paypal or credit card through this site.
-As always, I will make every possible effort to deliver the very best experience you envision. When calling, if it is not a good time I will call back when the recipient is better able to listen and can fully enjoy the experience.
-You can count on me to stay in  touch with you throughout the process. If there should be a problem contacting the recipient I will try until I can reach them.
-Once the recipient confirms they have 5-10 minutes I will begin. If they are cut short I will wish them a Happy ______, or whatever the occasion, and the telegram will be complete.  

Elizabeth Lakamp singing telegrams over the phone phone-a-grams anywhere in the united states marilyn monroe birthday gram live singer

"Happy Birthday Mr. President"


'Marilyn' will be happy to sing to

your special recipient.


(there is not an additional fee for this service.)



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