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From the videos and pictures I've seen the telegram was a massive success. Thank you so much for being accomodating and so easy to work with!!!


Tiffany Flynn

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Client testimonial
Thanks for a great job. My father was thrilled! You got to entertain a whole restaurant from what I gather. You could have charged more! LOL!
 I will certainly recommend you if we are asked for entertainment.
Thanks again for taking this on at the last minute and fitting us into your schedule. I know you could have easily said, ‘No thank you’.
Cheers, Sam
Sam Orlando Jr., Orlando's Catering and Event Design

I'm not wierd. I'm just a Limited Edition!


oh the things we do to pay the bills! I can't count how many singing telegrams I've delivered. Just take a peek below and you will see a number of characters I've become to bring joy to special occasions. Do you Want to guess which character I like best? Being Myself!

As far as I know I have a plethora of happy customers. You can be the next. Just drop me a line and together we will create the experience you envision.







There's no limit to the occasions I deliver telegrams for.

Here are some of the occasions and themes I've helped my clients with;














(*All done in clean fun. NO NUDITY or foul language involved. Themes fall under the 'specialized' telegrams listing below)








company award/ congrats

marry Me




Valentines Day

just Because

Get well

Thanks for the interview/Hire me

Flapper Girl
*Naughty Secretary
*Unhappy Client
*Happy Hooker
*beer gal in a Dirndl
Santa Baby



Mini USO Show

20-30 minutes (approx).


Comes complete with 4 costume changes!




* balloon bouquet (additional Mylars $3 ea. , Latex $1 ea.)


* Large glass mug as a balloon weight


* personalized telegram from you


* use of questionaire info (to be emailed upon confirmation)


* Dressing recipient in a  hat, boas, etc. (with permission of sender) 


* The following songs;

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, Chatanooga Choo Choo,

Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree,  a Medley of Patriotic Tunes,

and Happy Birthday (or happy __________, to the same tune).



Greater Saint Louis Honor Flight and Franklin County Honor Flight singer Elizabeth LaKamp

Specialized Telegram

15-20 minutes (approx.)


  • Costumed Character (ex. Marilyn Monroe, Cowgirl, Gorilla, etc.)

  • ballooon bouquet (additional mylars $3 ea., latex $1 ea.)

  • Large glass mug as a balloon weight

  • Personalized telegram from you

  • Use of questionaire info. (to be emailed upon confirmation)

  • Dressing recipient in hat ,boas, etc. (with permission of sendee)

  • One additional song (to be determined according to the character) plus Happy Birthday or Happy ______, to the same tune.


      $150 (for other characters you may have in mind please contact me)

Elizabeth Lakamp as Marilyn Monroe Birthday Singing Telegram

Ask about reverse Marilyn where the recipient gets a lesson in becoming Marilyn !

Senior Citizen Entertainment Saint Louis Mo Elizabeth Lakamp Singing Telegram Illinois


                  15 - 20 minutes (approx.)

  • Performer in occasion appropriate attire

  • Balloon bouquet (additional mylars $3 ea., latex $1 ea.)

  • Glass mug as a balloon weight

  • Personalized telegram from you

  • Use of questionnaire info (to be emailed upon confirmation)

  • Dressing recipient in a silly hat, boas, etc. (with permission of sender) 

  • One additional song plus Happy Birthday (or Happy ________, to the same   tune for the crowd to sing along with)

   $125  (for costumes other than tuxedo or occasion appropriate attire,  see specialized telegram above)

Most  popular!

  Basic Telegram   
5-10 minutes (approx.)

This telegram is delivered much like the telegrams of olden days. Perfect as a congratulatory message, it's delivered with a simple knock on the door (or cubicle), presentation of a balloon & mug, reading of you personal telegram, & song.
Bellboy or tuxedo attire is most appropriate with this delivery.

  • Performer in occasion appropriate attire
  • Mylar balloon (additional Mylars $3 ea., latex $1 ea.)
  • Glass mug as a balloon weight
  • Personalized telegram from you
  • A cappella Happy Birthday (or 'Happy _____' to the tune of Happy Birthday
Old Fashioned Singing Telegram Saint Louis Mo. Elizabeth Lakamp Illinois
Ron's 80th 005
Ron's 80th 028
Guess who's making an appearance tonight.. ..
Me and my bestie, Harley Quinn...

Some characters may be contracted out to another entertainer. I will be up front about this before any arrangements are made. Please inquire if you are interested. 


For my 80th birthday my friends had Elizabeth to honor me in my home with my daughters and very DEAR friends in attendance. It was not only entertaining but an enjoyable part of the years of my life.


I commend Liz for her active part in singing for Honor Flight since I had 27 years of active duty in the USAF. I fully value her participation in paying respect to our VETERANS.  Liz also performed at our O'Fallon Senior Citizens meeting and we cannot wait to have her return.


I cannot wait for my 100th birthday so she can sit on my lap!


Ron Dormer


Singing Telegram testimonial for Elizabeth Lakamp senior citizen singer entertainer St Lousi Illinois

 I love repeat customers! Ten years later Ron turned 90 and I was asked to surprise him again!  Here's what his daughter had to say in an email the next day: 


Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making dad’s birthday    a success. He was surprised about his party and about you being the entertainment for the evening. He said that he has you booked for his 100th birthday party already! You did a wonderful job and everyone that I talked to loved your performance.

Thank you again,

Karen Dormer


Below is what a birthday boy emailed to his daughter after his telegram. She lived out of town and sent me to sing for his 85th
during dinner at the retirement community where he lived.   (Psst....It's the gentleman above in the spring hat!)

 It's safe to say Aberdeen has never seen anything like this!!!

 I am now a paragon of dignity! The woman was voluptuous.

Old men from every table around came by to comment afterwards. It was the hit of the evening! I told everyone, 'I'll

get even'. This even capped the 75 flamingos in our yard.

It reminded me of the Hallmark Card slogan, (For those who care enough to send the very best!) .







SINGING TELEGRAM STIPULATIONS (unless otherwise stated above):

- Advanced notice usually necessary. The sooner you tell me the better your chances for reserving a date. A $25 RUSH fee w
ill be charged with less than 24 hours notice.


-At times clients will request a telegram for more than one person at the same party. Each additional person add $49.  They will receive their own balloon bouquet, mug and telegram.


-Price above is for St. Louis and & surrounding Illinois areas. Telegram includes transportation of up to 50 miles round trip from Troy, Il. Any additional mileage will incur an additional .49 cent per mile charge (2024 IRS mileage allowance rate is .67). Not to exceed $50.00 (this limit applies to telegrams only). Mileage fees for shows and other services offered do not have a maximum. Mileage determined according to Google Maps calculations. Charge will be consensual by both parties before any confirmed arrangements are made.


- Telegrams from start to finish are based on an approximate time average according to the telegram you choose. Every effort to use 'inside information' about the recipient will be given based upon the questionnaire information provided by the sender. Since telegrams are almost always ad-lib, they seldom go according to a set schedule. We only ask that you take this into consideration and know we will do our best to deliver a fun and entertaining experience.


- For safety precautions the entertainer may bring a companion. Prefered locations to deliver telegrams are well lit places of business such as an employer or restaurant. Reccomended times are during business hours. No telegrams will be delivered after 9pm. Our telegrams are a service appropriate for family entertainment. This is NOT an adult entertainment service.

- Advance payment is necessary if sender will not be present. Venmo, Cash App, Paypal and other payment options are available. If sender is present at the time of service, payment by either cash or check is usually appropriate upon departure. Payment arrangements to be confirmed before time of service.


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